Krabbbiii Babyyy 5/2017

After a very quick stop in Bangkok to sleep in a tilting hostel I bumped over the Krabi, Thailand at the recommendation of several coworkers. I was advised Phuket is the Cancun of Thailand, so I diverted over to both Railay Beach and Phranang Beach and I couldn’t be happier. So beautiful and peaceful and no haggling from vendors on the beach. Stunning walks through stalagmites and caves, tree roots and twisted vines to suddenly turn a corner and see the Andaman Sea. The lack of grandstanding by the local business community is by far my favorite part. No show offs here. I visited each morning at sunrise (mostly due to my body clock thinking 2:30 a.m. local time sounded good) when the tide was out, and again midday and sunset. If you want quiet, sunrise is best. The water is warm and even if it rains a bit it still feels like heaven. You can collect washed up coral, although I don’t know if it’ll make it through airport security without issue. What I’ve come to learn after talking to other tourists is that this is a world class destination for rock climbing and if you’re a lady who likes to dress up, this is not the town for maxi dresses or shoes that can’t take puddles and constant sand. My hair hasn’t been dry once this whole trip but no one gives two licks. Sunset on Railay Beach is followed by cute lanterns illuminating restraunts and bar huts and you can sit and drink on the beach as long as you’d like. It feels undisturbed and unpretentious and nothing competes with the panoramic views except maybe the long boat motors which take off around sunset. 


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