Bangkok Day 1.5

Bangkok is riding me pretty rough. I’ve found things that I like such as the people, the variety and the scale. On the other hand it’s caused me to recall another time in my life where individual air condition units kick on at their own time, and the air stays dense and warm with or without the sun. I had a friend who lived on the University of Texas campus in a student dormitory in a room that was very small and down a carpeted hallway. We mostly were there on our way to somewhere else, but we’d always sit out on the balcony which was about 18 stories up and smoke cigarettes and either recount all the ways our other friends were messed up or how the people we were about to hang out with were messed up. Each balcony had its units air condition unit sitting outside and they would kick on about every seven minutes and run for awhile. I hated the noise but it kept you humble. This large mass of people were all seeking individual comfort while living severely close to one another and wanting peace and distance from each other as well. Bangkok feels the same. Hoards of people all seeking what will validate them next while simultaneously living like ants following the same trails as one another. It’s not romantic or exciting, it’s bake in an oven or drown in the rain. I don’t love cities unless they’re beautiful and by that I think I mean clean. Well constructed, not thrown together with miss matched sidewalks and asphalt that doesn’t make it to the curb. This city feels haphazard or not cared for but life’s too fast to take the time to do it right. Quick change or expansive growth followed by bars that maybe have five guests all night. I know I’m being short sighted or not appreciating the beauty of alley way entrances, I’m just expressing that so far this place isn’t for me. I’m not seeking to buy anything, I don’t need a massage or shock value. I do like the soft rock covers of all the top 40 hits from the last five years, however I also like good infrastructure and urban planning. The fact that they have a skytrain does kick ass, but the constant hum and cranking of air conditioning units plus the bwap from the exhaust pipes of every motor vehicle make this city feel loud and massively unplanned. Tomorrow is a new day, maybe I’ll fall back in love. 


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