Wat Arun: Temple of the Dawn

Getting to this location was a bit difficult since I have a strong urge to not use taxis or tuk tuks in order to learn my surrounds by foot. However after passing then stopping and then passing the same girl three times as we were each looking at our own maps and screenshots on our phones, I decided to ask her if she knew where Wat Arun was. She didn’t but we decided to travel together from that point on. Eventually we split a tuk tuk after staring at a Catholic Church that wasn’t on either of our maps. Once we arrived at the temple I was told I needed to cover up my shoulders and legs since I was in shorts and a tank top. Luckily my friend had extra sarongs with her which I never stopped to consider packing. Huge life saver. The following are photos from this temple and I’ll speak more to the great people I met today in a later post. I also want to post a ton of pictures and figure splitting up the media might be less overwhelming. Behold, my take on Temple of the Dawn! *a majority of the temple was under repair so some signature architecture is missing


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