Preparing for my Next Trip

I’m two weeks away from my next trip and beginning to consider my overall goal with this time around. My last trip to Thailand, also my first solo trip, was so cathartic and overwhelming in the best way possible that I have a feeling this trip wont be nearly so emotionally charged but more driven by the location and sights.

I have my accommodations booked which I was sure to take care of as soon as I was home from Thailand. I received more advice from clients while at work in order to make this trip as budget friendly as possible such as finding local grocery stores to make meals out of rather than going out to eat for every meal.

I’m excited for the change in culture, to go from Southeast Asia to Eastern Europe is most likely going to have its variations. As a former model UN student in middle school and high school I’m excited to see Geneva as well and nerd out a tiny bit. I’ll be reading up on the former Yugoslavia in order to get some historical context as well, I find that gives meaning to location and space instead of just recognizing that my surroundings are old.

So! Two week countdown and my goal is to have my trip to Thailand better documented as well. Even though I’ve only been home for a week, it has begun to feel like a fleeting memory.



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