6/6/2017 St. Paul, MN Sick Day

It feels a little strange to be at the point I am today- 6 months out from when events began to unfold and change the course I thought my life was on. But I think if anyone pulls on the string you find that everything is actually connected, no matter how far back you go. What I do know is that I would not be in the middle of several booked flights, sick and having coworkers suggest its actually my body purging the stress and sickness of the last few months- finally accepting and letting go. I feel like I’ve got to write about the past in order to get it down and catch up to current day. Currently, I’m in one of my two favorite coffee shops in St. Paul, MN having a cinnamon roll and a mocha, clearing my throat constantly to stop the itch. This has afforded me a day off from work so it’s time to get this all down so I can tip into the present and look forward to the future. In the last 6 months I’ve been traveling to different parts of the world, and a week from today I set off for Switzerland, Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia. I have several flights booked and the future months are relatively open-ended.  I should be excited but as more time passes and I get closer to the dates the romance seems to be draining and logistics and finances quickly bubble up. Reality- dang it. Either way, I’l start from the beginning and bubble forward to today. My intention is not to dwell but to document. As each week passes my feelings and memories change and evolve. More shared stories and perspectives offer more insight and sooth what I thought was a burn. I’ll begin in November 2016.FullSizeRender (1)


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