Wiser Each Time 6/13/2017

I’m headed to Eastern Europe in a few hours and I feel like this trip is shaping up to be totally different than my previous trips. I’ve booked most of my stays through Hostel World or AirBnB and love the features of these apps.

I’ve learned you can usually leave your luggage at the airport or train station in case you have an early arrival (which I do) and a late check in at your hotel. So I’m not lugging around my long term backpack to every cafe or along on every hike I take.

I’m planning on packing all black clothing so I have more versatile pairings (very importannnttt, obv. 😉 )  and shoes that suite more outfits, more often. My goal is to steer away from looking or feeling frumpy/post college grad/tevas-every-single-day. The weather looks like it matches Minnesota’s, maybe a little warmer, and I’ve decided I only need to pack one bathing suite this time. I should actually go pack now.

Solo travel part deux, betch.



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