So Major Newb Mistake

So I’ve arrived in Switzerland, very pleased with myself as we land and have an amazing view of the mountains- granted it looks like it’s going to rain. I get an email from my Airbnb host- things look good. Exchange currency and the head toward the train and think I should look at when I’ll need to be back here for my flight out to Munich in the morning- knowing my flight from Munich to Belgrade is around 11 a.m. Dysfunctional but it was built with the intention of seeing a lot in a little amount of time. Well… there was no flight booked from Geneva to Munich. How’d I miss that?!   So, last minute I sat down in the airport and ordered a new one way flight to Munich and booked a hostel in the city for the evening. So… I won’t be hiking around Geneva today but it’s just as well. The weather here is shit and Munich looks like it’s going to be beautiful. Setting money on fire one day at a time. Chjesus. Off to a strong start 💪🏻 at least I don’t have to spend 30-40 dollars on a taxi ride here in Switzerland… right? It’s nice when you only have yourself to blame 🙂 


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