Geneva and Munich 6/2017

Geneva and Munich have been amazing. I spent just a brief time time in Geneva but the coffee and pastries are so so good. Only frustration I ran into was people assuming I spoke French and the reaction they would give me when I’d say “Oh, I’m sorry I don’t speak French.” Definitely not a pleasant reaction. Munich was so much fun and so easy to get around in by foot or by mass transit. I wish we had a train system anywhere near this level of efficiency in the Unites States, large metro or not. Wonderful food, outspoken locals and plenty of amazing architecture new and old. If I ever come back I’d definitely find a way to have a bicycle 🚲 and this time of year is beautiful with the cool mornings and evenings and late sunsets. It’s big but clean and quiet. Favorite city I didn’t intentionally mean to visit other than as a pass through hub. Same reaction though here too when I’d mention I didn’t speak German. I should work on that. πŸ˜‰ 


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