Belgrade day II 6/2017

After sipping on Rose all night I woke up being cold because my hostel gave me a sheet as a blanket. But it’s cute and I have a ten person dorm to myself. Set out for breakfast 🍳 and found a great restaurant while trying to find a specific coffee shop. Omelette and a latte then off to explore more of the city. My pit stops surrounded recharging my phone and changing into less athletic clothing. This city is amazing and has great sculptures and they take their coffee, gelato, beer and smoking very serious. Part of me wonders if the majority of people are relatively thin due to smoking so often. Tree lined streets, masculine men and very feminine women are everywhere sitting outside on patios. I visited an outdoor market, walked to the fortress and got some great views of the cityscape and river. Walked the entire way thanks to google maps and easy sidewalks. I found another coffee shop in order to sit and read and found the behemoth of a coffee shop that boasts 4 maybe 5 stories with the basement serving as a barbershop and lens clothing boutique. Kafeteria 1907 is the name of this leather and couch furnished gem and the coffee options serve even the most pretentious of tastes while also serving pastries and other snacks. Headed home to recharge and now I’m finishing off a whiskey coke and settling into a full belly due to a Quattro formaggio pizza in a restaurant with flowers pegged into the ceiling. Can’t complain.​


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