Belgrade, Serbia šŸ‡·šŸ‡ø 6/2017

The first thing I’m aware of is no one wears workout clothes here to walk around in or as casual wear. 

I’m staying in the cutest hostel that I found through Airbnb and I have my entire bunk to myself just buy chance. It’s so beautiful and adorable, herringbone wood floors. White and black decor that is simple but thoughtful. It’s located on a popular street with cobble stone. And when I say cobblestone I mean lumpy and slippery as hell. Glad I didn’t bring any heels, however most women here are wearing them in the evening. I met a local and he said that the street used to be more of an artist haven and now it’s very commercialized and he hates it. Nice to get other perspectives.

The graffiti here doesn’t give the same “bad part of town” vibe as I’m used to reacting with in the U.S. There is street art on several sides of buildings, phrases that are political or historical in context or else just lone letters or symbols. 

Bread, cheese, meat, beer. It’s heavy here but why have it light on vacation? Heading down to the fortress walls in a bit but so far I like that there’s a little more grit than Berlin and Geneva. 

 The city is very walkable with several alleyways that I would go down if I felt like I had any business being there. Open windows everywhere, the humidity is low and there’s been a slight breeze the entire time. The local I met originally hissed at me and said some things in Croatian before I said I only speak English when he was clearly looking for a response. I was petting a stray cat that looked like mine at home, just a little skinnier. Turns out he’s a lawyer who came to the city for school and has stayed for work. He seemed confused as to why an American would chose to come to Belgrade and says its very rare to be a tourist here and not from Europe.

The beauty standards here are on a different level as well. Mostly long brunette or black hair for women. Lipstick and some form of heel and like I said before- no ath-leisure clothing. The women also seem stronger, more assertive and direct both in speech and approach toward others. I haven’t witnessed a single timid person, it’s interesting to see such confident striking women dressed up rather than down. I like it. Most men seem to be bald, or very closely cut. I would say about 80% of people smoke here as well. But then again my sampling is solely Belgrade metro. 

Either way- another place you would not have heard me say ” Chyeah I’d love to go to Serbia, it seems so cool.” But what do you know- it’s feckin sweet and visually interesting from the mixed era architecture to the great people watching. 


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