Not Possible without Others

While taking the first step in choosing to go on these trips despite my circumstances changing and my motivation altering, I could not even get to the airport without others. Sure I could call a taxi, sure I could put my pets in a daycare facility but my family and friends have stepped up and been so supportive before I even had the chance to ask. My parents have loved on my dog and my sister and her family took Maya in for my longest trip to Thailand. My cats seemed to take the separation fairly poorly when I left for Vietnam, my boy cat even lost the hair on the back of his right ear- a form of stress induced hair loss. So reaching out to the former significant other that I initially got both cats with was a careful step I took- and thankfully he’s been happy to have them. They seem much happier with a consistent, familiar and loving owner around. All of this to say- I wouldn’t have the stability at home while I run around these countries and have the ease of mind knowing they’re well taken care of without my family and good friends. I also really like having my mom drop me off and pick me up because I’m usually so elated to be home that running through the airport with a smile on my face to greet her feels like the perfect way to end another growth experience. It’s a good thing we all live relatively close. Thank you to the moon! Love you guys! 


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