Overly complicated but cheapest route to San Jose, Costa Rica

Road the green line from St. Paul to the greyhound station in Minneapolis for 12:30 am bus ride to Chicago for 26 bucks. Arrived in the city a little later than expected but only by about 20 minutes due to rush hour morning traffic. Spotty sleep but not too bad. Then road the blue line to the orange line. The orange line stopped and shut down all the electricity due to “police activity” at the station ahead of us. Made it Midway Airport with 45 minutes to spare before boarding, ate a cheeseburger and flew to Atlanta. Flew Atlanta to San Jose where I lost 50.00 in exchange rate and no supposed fee. Left the airport to a sea of taxi cab drivers that attack you in a swarm. Grabbed an uber for 8.00 and arrived at my hostel at 9:00 pm. It’s gorgeous, it’s night time and the hostel feels like they finished building it yesterday. All new construction, beautiful modern furnishings and hardly any enclosures. By far the best looking space I’ve stayed in for 12.00 a night. Off to a patchy, stressful but inexpensive start. Thinking being here in the off season is going to be a perk. 


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