June 2019 Glacier National Park & Yellowstone National Park. Bozeman, Helena, Gillette.

This trip was a Christmas gift to Emily and Eli. Emily’s first time seeing mountains. Brought Maya. Brought my sister. For some reason I feel proud of Montana and Wyoming. My hope is to go out there once a year, so far I’m 3/3 in the last three years. I want to take my dad fly fishing in 2020. Super satisfying to wake up at sunrise while everyone else slept in, make some fresh coffee, and just chill with some binoculars. Glaciers incredible. I’ve seen East and West sides now, and thankfully had a client recommend Many Glacier for hiking. So pretty. I would move to Montana in a heartbeat. It meant so much to me to be able to bring Emily and Eli into Bozeman. We scooter-ed from the hotel to the main drag, had beer and played uno and window shopped.

This was the first time I genuinely fell in love with Yellowstone and I think it’s because the new calves were out, and a majority of the park was open. I loved the Northeastern corner and to be able to have a cup of noodles next to a raging river was so awesome. I love showing them expansive landscapes and having them not be afraid and able to run wild. Every trip gets better and better. Makes me love my job and the fact that I can go on a trip once a month, or every other month and still not miss a beat. And the Suby kicked ass in the mountains.

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