Liminal Space/ Individuation

9050CEBE-AD74-4D1E-96FF-0B563159D71EIndividuation can be seen as a “movement through liminal space and time, from disorientation to integration….What takes place in the dark phase of liminality is a process of breaking down…in the interest of “making whole” one’s meaning, purpose and sense of relatedness once more'”

I was reading a friend’s blog and she described her current state as liminal. She is a few months into having moved to a new city and is now living on her own and describes recognizing the need to not be quite an island but also to appreciate and carve out the time for herself and to be present.

This feels immensely relatable and after finding that word and researching its meaning I feel like this is a period I have found myself in for the last five years, at least. Working to create my own patterns, letting life happen to me, creating opportunities and failing to tie myself into one path. I describe it to friends and clients as feeling “new, still” to Minnesota. This doesn’t feel like home. I have no sentiment tied to these cities. I almost think I need to leave it in order to miss it. Nothing’s sticking. This period feels very driftless and like I’m not yet switched into my new gear, my correct gear. I’ve let others influence my flow and I’ve always been very sensitive and unsure of my own beliefs or if I’m “doing it right.” Yet, my life has become great. Honestly. I have no want for anything material. I don’t need any significant other for affirmation anymore. I have a great home that younger me would think was pretty kick ass. But, again I’m not sinking roots into this ground. It doesn’t feel right, or maybe I just need to convince myself that it does.

Liminal Space.

Solar Eclipse 2017

Started out heading to Kansas City, Missouri only to wake up and realize the weather wasn’t going to be ideal. We booked it to Wyoming and stayed just north of Cheyenne. Seriously the coolest natural event I’ve ever witnessed with some of the nicest, most friendly people in a giant airport landing field. We headed to Colorado to hike Pike’s Peak on the Barr Trail (ass kicker but still so amazing) and climb the Manatau Incline. We visited Garden of the Gods, Cheyenne National Park and toured a natural cavern. Finished up Denver and Boulder, two of my favorite cities. Roadtrip 2017 ❤

San Jose coffee tasting 

Started the morning off by walking from my hostel to a coffee shop I found through Cafeoteca is a beautiful cafe that also has a boutique that sells clothes, jewelry and leather goods attached to it as well as a restaurant. I hung out outside and had a latte and read for a bit. After heading back inside I spent about an hour with the barista, Oscar and he taught me about the different drying methods of coffee beans as well as the different brewing methods available at their cafe. Very informative and comfortable. He also gave me some recommendations about cafes in Cusco and Lima for my next trip to Peru in November. 

Overly complicated but cheapest route to San Jose, Costa Rica

Road the green line from St. Paul to the greyhound station in Minneapolis for 12:30 am bus ride to Chicago for 26 bucks. Arrived in the city a little later than expected but only by about 20 minutes due to rush hour morning traffic. Spotty sleep but not too bad. Then road the blue line to the orange line. The orange line stopped and shut down all the electricity due to “police activity” at the station ahead of us. Made it Midway Airport with 45 minutes to spare before boarding, ate a cheeseburger and flew to Atlanta. Flew Atlanta to San Jose where I lost 50.00 in exchange rate and no supposed fee. Left the airport to a sea of taxi cab drivers that attack you in a swarm. Grabbed an uber for 8.00 and arrived at my hostel at 9:00 pm. It’s gorgeous, it’s night time and the hostel feels like they finished building it yesterday. All new construction, beautiful modern furnishings and hardly any enclosures. By far the best looking space I’ve stayed in for 12.00 a night. Off to a patchy, stressful but inexpensive start. Thinking being here in the off season is going to be a perk.